Are Veneers Right for You?
October 29, 2018
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: missing teeth   Veneers   Damaged Teeth  

Porcelain VeneersDo you wish your teeth looked better? Whether they're dull, chipped, cracked or a bit crooked, veneers can make over either a single tooth or your entire smile. Midtown Manhattan, NY, dentist Dr. Brandon Huang of New York Dental Studio helps you achieve the smile of your dreams with veneers and other cosmetic services.

How Veneers Can Help Your Smile

At first glance, it's hard to believe that a thin layer of porcelain could completely transform your teeth, yet veneers do just that. The tooth-shaped shells are about as thick as contact lenses yet offer superior coverage. They're attached to the fronts of your teeth with dental cement and cover many imperfections that detract from your smile. Veneers may be a good choice if you would like to:

  • Hide Imperfections: Even the tiniest crack or chip in your enamel can be very noticeable the second you open your mouth to laugh, smile, or talk. Veneers cover those little flaws completely and help your problem tooth blend in with the others. Your dentist will choose a veneer shade that matches your other teeth perfectly to ensure that your dental work is completely unnoticeable.
  • Fill Gaps: Your Midtown Manhattan dentist may recommend veneers if you feel self-conscious about the little gap between your front teeth. The restorations are an excellent choice if you have slight gaps, but you might need orthodontic treatment for larger gaps.
  • Add a Little Length: A few of your formerly uniform teeth may have become shorter over the years if you grind your teeth at night. Veneers offer a simple way to restore their normal appearance. (After you receive the veneers, you may want to begin wearing nightguards to prevent damage to your new restorations.)
  • Make Crooked Teeth Disappear: Crooked teeth never seem to hide away in the back of your mouth. Instead, they're front and center, practically begging to be noticed. Luckily, you can disguise oddly shaped teeth by adding a few veneers to them. Veneers can be a good choice if a tooth is crooked, twisted, pointed, or oddly shaped.
  • Change the Color of Teeth: Whether you want to brighten one tooth or all of them, veneers are a great choice. They're available in many shades of white and are extremely resistant to stains.

Are you ready to improve your smile with veneers? Call Midtown Manhattan, NY, dentist Dr. Brandon Huang of New York Dental Studio at (212) 588-1809 to schedule your appointment.