Do I Need a Root Canal
February 12, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Could that nagging pain in your teeth be a sign that there's something wrong with your tooth? Midtown Manhattan, NY, dentist Dr. Brandon root canalHuang of New York Dental Studio shares a few signs and symptoms that may occur if you need a root canal.

You have a bad toothache

It's usually not possible to tell if pain in a tooth is caused by tooth decay or a more serious condition. That's why we recommend that you schedule a visit with our Midtown Manhattan office as soon as you notice pain. If you need a root canal, your pain can be traced to an inflammation or infection in your tooth pulp. The pulp is a collection of nerves, blood vessels and soft connective tissue found under the harder dentin and enamel layers of the tooth.

In the early stages of an infection or inflammation, pain may not be severe or may come and go. If you ignore your pain, it will only get worse as the infection or inflammation progresses. Have you noticed that the pain intensifies when you eat or drink? Due to the changes taking place in your pulp, your teeth may become more sensitive to temperature extremes. When you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages, you may experience a spike in pain that lasts 30 minutes or longer.

Pressure can also increase pain in your tooth. You may need a root canal if your tooth throbs after you eat or even push on your tooth.

Your gum is a little red

If you notice a little redness around your tooth, it's probably not your imagination. An inflammation or infection of your pulp can cause your gum to swell, turn red and feel tender. Because these symptoms may also occur if you have gum disease, it's important to bring any changes in your gums to our attention.

Your mouth is killing you, and you feel awful

You may have a dental abscess if your tooth hurts, you have a fever, and you feel terrible. The bacterial infection is a serious health problem. In fact, it's considered a dental emergency. Other abscess symptoms may include swelling in the lower part of your face, enlarged lymph nodes and a little bit of pus or a bump that looks like a pimple on your gum. If you have an abscess, you'll need antibiotic treatment in addition to a root canal.

Root canal treatment keeps your smile healthy. Call Midtown Manhattan, NY, dentist Dr. Brandon Huang of New York Dental Studio at (212) 588-1809 to schedule an appointment.