Sports Injuries and Emergency Care
By New York Dental Studio
January 13, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Broken bones aren't the only consequences of sports injuries. A fall or blow to the face from an elbow, ball or a hockey stick can also sports injuriesinjure your teeth, mouth and jaw. Dr. Brandon Huang, your midtown Manhattan, NY dentist at New York Dental Studio, explains what you should do if you experience a dental emergency.

Knocked out teeth

Knocked out teeth are common in contact sports or any sport that involves equipment that can accidentally come in contact with your mouth, such as balls, pucks, sticks or even balance beams. Although wearing a mouthguard offers some protection against blows, if the blow is severe enough, it can still knock out a tooth.

Don't assume that there's nothing you can do about a knocked out tooth. If you receive dental treatment in about an hour, it may be possible to reimplant the tooth. After you find your knocked out tooth, rinse it with water to remove any dirt, then place it back in the socket. If the tooth can't be placed back in the socket, cover it with gauze and put it in a container with milk or your saliva. If no container is available, place the tooth in your mouth next to your gum, but be careful not to swallow it.

Broken teeth

Blows to the face during a game or practice can also cause broken teeth. Bring pieces of your broken teeth to the dentist with you if you can find them. In some cases, it may be possible to reattach them to your teeth. If not, your midtown Manhattan dentist may recommend bonding or a crown to restore your tooth. Broken teeth can be painful if the break exposes your pulp. If you pass a drugstore on the way to the dentist's office, stop in and buy some dental cement. Apply it to your tooth to reduce sensitivity and prevent the jagged edges of the tooth from cutting your lips or cheeks.

Loose teeth

Loose teeth are also a dental emergency. If your tooth is not only loose but has moved out of position, gently push it back in place. After you move it back, don't touch it again or put any pressure on it.

Immediate dental treatment is essential if you experience any of these injuries. Call Dr. Huang, your midtown Manhattan, NY dentist at New York Dental Studio, at (212) 588-1809 to schedule your appointment.