Restore Your Smile with Custom Dentures

It can be difficult to confidently carry out daily tasks when you are missing some or all your teeth. Dr. Brandon Huang offers custom dentures at his Manhattan, NY, office to replace your missing teeth and restore your confidence. Whether you need traditional, partial, or implant-supported dentures, Dr. Huang can help you pick the right restorative option depending on your lifestyle needs and aesthetic goals.


At New York Dental Studio, we offer:

Traditional dentures: These dentures consist of a durable plastic base that supports a full set of replacement teeth. Traditional dentures are held in place with a special dental adhesive and natural suction. These restorations are removable, facilitating easy cleaning and maintenance.
Partial dentures: Partial dentures are a great solution for patients who still have some natural teeth, but would like to fill gaps in their smile. Also called dental bridges, partial traditional dentures are supported by nearby anchoring teeth. Depending on the number and location of your missing teeth, partial dentures are made either with a plastic base or a metal framework.

Implant-supported dentures: Implant-supported dentures are attached to two or more dental implants that have been surgically embedded into the jaw. Each implant replaces a lost tooth root, providing a secure foundation for a prosthetic. Implant-supported dentures restore form and function, and halt the jawbone degeneration that results from tooth loss. 


Traditional and partial dentures appeal to a wide range of patients who are missing most or all of their teeth. Most patients are considered good candidates for traditional dentures and will simply need to have healthy gums to hold the prosthetic in place. However, if you are considering implant-supported dentures, you should:

  • Not smoke, or be willing to stop smoking during the healing period
  • Have sufficient density in your jawbone to anchor the implants, or be willing to undergo bone grafting to restore proper bone density
  • Commit to following strict aftercare instructions, including regular checkups at our office

Dr. Huang will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums to evaluate your oral health and bone density before you undergo dental implants surgery. X-rays and other dental imaging may be performed to further determine your candidacy. 

"Whether you need traditional, partial, or implant-supported dentures, Dr. Huang can ensure you receive a suitable restoration to meet your unique requirements."

In the case that you have experienced long-term tooth loss, you may also have suffered from jawbone degeneration. If you do not have sufficient tissue, your jaws will not be able to support the implants. To correct this, Dr. Huang may recommend bone graft surgery. Patients generally need four to six months to heal from this surgery before receiving implants and temporary dentures.


Dentures have been a reliable solution for patients with missing teeth for decades, but with today's advanced dental materials, your restorations can look more lifelike than ever. With our range of denture options, you can restore your comfort, oral health, appearance, and confidence. To learn more, or to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Huang, contact our office today.

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