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The Next Generation Of Clear Aligners

Everyone wants a great smile. And a great smile starts with straight teeth. But often metal braces aren’t the look you’re going for. OrthoFX orthodontic clear aligner treatment could be exactly what you’re looking for.


OrthoFX utilize the next generation FXTertra™ clear aligner polymer, which has fewer refinements and less pain. OrthoFX combine the quality and safety of in-person Doctor care along with the convenience and affordability of Direct-To-Customer brands. Your treatment plan is customized by experienced Doctors and monitor closely with OrthoFX program.

The Next Generation Of Clear Aligners

What's more, OrthoFX now provide NiTime™ aligners, the newest technology in the market, which allow you wear aligners while you sleep, and freedom from wear throughout your day! NiTime™ is the first aligner system supported by FDA studies that demonstrate treatment efficacy for 9 hours wear time without increasing the number pf stages in the treatment. This is a revolution in clear aligner treatment, especially beneficial for those people who are not able to commit 22 hours daily wear time due to work schedule or lifestyles.

Flexible Payment Options

OrthoFX offers financing options- starting at $85/mo, up to 60-month payment terms - no hidden fees: FXPay™ promises 100% approval for all as long as you have a checking account or a credit card. Soft inquiry only, no application fee, apply in seconds. The professional concierge team at OrthoFX will help you with the payment plan, giving you more flexibility to start your clear aligners with the best provider in NYC. 


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