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What Are the Most Popular Orthodontic Treatments for Adults?

With major advances in orthodontic techniques and devices, orthodontic treatments for adults are becoming much more popular, and for a good reason. Orthodontic procedures are the most effective way to align teeth and improve one's bite, and they're all the more suitable for those who know the value of taking good care of their teeth. At New York Dental Studio in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, we'll discuss the benefits of adult orthodontics, along with the different types of orthodontic devices and services available, as well as which dental issues it can help with.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

Adult orthodontics dramatically improves dental cosmetics and long-term oral health. It also provides several physical benefits beyond just oral health. The overall benefits of orthodontic treatment include:

  • Evener and more comfortable bite

  • Less tension in the jaw and face muscles

  • The highly attractive appearance of teeth

  • Potential adjustment of face bones

  • Easier dental cleaning

  • Less tooth wear

Above all, many of our patients report the most significant benefits are an improved overall sense of well-being and greater self-confidence!

Problems Orthodontics Can Treat in Adults

Some of the most common issues adult orthodontics can treat are:

  • Crooked and misaligned teeth

  • Overbites

  • Underbites

  • Mouth overcrowding

  • Tooth and enamel wear (which misalignment can accelerate)

Orthodontic Services Available for Adults

Most people picture traditional braces with brackets, wires (called arch wires), and elastic bands. These are often the most effective option, resulting in faster treatments. However, they can be harder to clean, and not everyone's willing to endure the noticeable, though temporary, change in appearance.

There are many other highly effective orthodontic treatments as well, including:

  • Lingual braces are affixed to the back sides of the teeth for less visibility and interference with chewing.

  • Clear aligners, thin plastic shells custom-formed for the patient's teeth structure, which can be removed, are practically invisible and make cleaning much easier.

  • Ceramic braces, which are almost identical to traditional braces, except made from tooth-colored composite brackets, resulting in faster and less noticeable treatment.

  • Self-ligating braces, making use of smaller (and sometimes clearer) bracket systems instead of elastics. It makes the braces much easier to clean.

  • Power chain braces, essentially regular metal or ceramic braces with interconnected rows of elastics for greater pressure, though noticeably more discomfort. They're often necessary to close larger tooth gaps.

After treatment, it's likely your orthodontist will then provide a custom-fit retainer, which is usually worn at night to maintain the progress achieved from the main treatments. Without a retainer, teeth can move back out of place gradually.

Are There Any Age Limitations for Popular Orthodontic Treatments Among Adults?

Orthodontic treatments can be effective for those of any age with stable oral health conditions. In some ways, adult orthodontics can be easier because adults' bone structures have fully matured. The orthodontist can more easily determine the right overall strategy, whereas pediatric orthodontists often require more readjustment of strategies to accommodate growth spurts. Children can also be much less compliant with the protocols that must be maintained outside routine appointments.

For adults, orthodontic treatments can take about six months to years. The exact duration depends on the complexity of each case and patient compliance with treatment protocols. Major elements that can affect treatment durations include:

  • Certain habits (such as smoking, teeth grinding, or tongue thrusting)

  • Missed appointments

  • Acute injuries

  • Diet

  • Overall dental hygiene

  • Level of commitment to orthodontic protocols

A personalized evaluation by a qualified orthodontist is the only way to know how long your treatment will likely take.

Adult Orthodontics Specialist in New York, NY | Upper East Side Manhattan

Committing to an orthodontic procedure as an adult is an excellent way to achieve the healthy, comfortable, and beautiful smile you've always dreamed of. With advances in more hidden, discomfort-reducing orthodontic devices, you can also receive less visible treatments that only minimally interfere with chewing and talking. To learn if adult orthodontics is right for you, call New York Dental Studio to schedule your first consultation orbook an appointment online.










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